Jeff Kaller online free real estate internship program

Position Type:
1 - 1
Salary Range:
$750 - $1,500 Weekly
If anyone looking to seek online Real Estate Investing internship or training classes then you can contact Real Estate Entrepreneur Jeff Kaller for exclusive online Real Estate trainings. We have an online classroom opportunity. We review candidates who wish to become eventual local partners to help us with transactions. Compensation comes from the transactions themselves. Outstanding interpersonal communication skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to success are necessary attributes of successful candidates.
Candidates are always required to have basic resources like car, camera and be willing to watch the zero cost online training to see if this is for you.
We have a 26 year track record of performance and have been working with local partners and have trained associates whom have collectively saved 1 million families from losing their homes. So this Online Free Real Estate Internship program will certainly take you to the heights you have ever imagined to be.

Don't Be Fooled

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